About change management…

On Friday October 13, I attended a very interesting workshop organized at the University of Ottawa’s Institute for Strategic Communications & Change : “How Employee Engagement Can Drive Organizational Change?”.

A summary of this workshop is available on the moderator’s blog of the workshop, Caroline Kealey: a tip … it’s a “must read”!

Employee Communication in a Time of Change_ Views from the Trenches « Results Map-1

Employee Communication in a Time of Change_ Views from the Trenches « Results Map-2


Un petit pas pour la mode, un grand pas pour la cause animale !

En voilà une bonne nouvelle… Ca ne va pas me faire acheter du Gucci… (hahaha, même si j’en avais envie…) mais disons que c’est un exemple à suivre, un pas dans la bonne direction, vers une mode durable et plus respectueuse. De là à parler de conscience sociale et d’éthique, ça reste à prouver… Encourageant tout de même !

Gucci fourrure

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Ten Things I Look For In A Job Interview


I am a communications, PR and marketing specialist… I am transitioning into a new position in Ottawa, because I moved here 16 months ago. Even if I already had expertise and experience in Belgium, I decided to add a Canadian diploma to my accomplishments. Now, it’s time for me to apply for a new challenge in my new Canadian life. Here’s what I’m looking for in a new job, as candidate :

  • To me, looking for a job is not just a clerical task. I didn’t decide to change my entire life and move to Canada to find a basic job, to show up as candidate unprepared, without thinking about my futur role. I’m awake and aware about what I’m looking for as professional…
  • I have my own career story, I took some concrete and sometimes difficult decisions in my career. I owned my PR agency, I took my responsibilities. I have an entrepreneurial mindset. I have not undergone my career, I have shaped it and I want it to continue in the same way.
  • ASK : Always Seek Knowledge, that’s my credo. Even I didn’t know something, even I haven’t worked in this function or industry, it doesn’t matter, I can learn, there’s always a solution ! Don’t be linear, use both part of your brain, be creative AND pragmatic !
  • I’m looking for a job were I can take responsibilities, were I can share ideas with colleagues, were we can go forward all together.
  • I’m not a sheep, I have my own opinions, but no worry, I’m a good team player too !
  • I’m confident in my skills and abilities to learn. Why would not you be so?
  • I think out of the box, I always try to see further.
  • I know how to relativize and how to use my sense of humor. Nothing to do with « no-efficiency » but life is too short to stay serious all the time, hé !
  • Of course, paycheck is important ! But, if you’re not happy in your daily work… that doen’t make any sense. My first motivation is the achieve projects, internal as external.
  • Finally, I value my life outside of work. Work-life balance is crucial !

Interested ? Please have a look to my Linkedin profile then contact me at fverschaeve@outlook.com