Which skills define a good communications specialist ?


To me, no matter the degrees obtained, a good communicator must know how to listen before communicating. That is the key to create and maintain positive relationships internal, with stakeholders, KOL, between the clients and the public using media outlets.

The communicator must provide strong research and analytical skills as well as problem solving methodologies. He will often be confronted with a huge mass of complex information that he will have to analyze and then summarize, interpret and synthesize in a concise way, in a clear and precise language, comprehensible for all. 

But to stand out from competitors, he must treat the information in an original, creative way, while remaining stuck to reality. He must combine creativity AND pragmatism. He has to prove a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.

Rarely confronted with only one project at a time (thankfully!), the communicator must demonstrate superior organizational and time-management skills, competing priorities. The skills most often required are the ability to multi-task, meet deadlines and work under pressure.
Everyone has their own tips and tricks for managing time, either manually or electronically. Personally, I make lists with priorities and check when an action is performed.


The communications specialist position often requires a sound judgement and effective use of necessary discretionIt is indeed a position where the communicator can deal  with delicate information, under embargo, confidential and he must be able to be discreet and diplomatic.

The PR – or communications – specialist – must think strategically. His role is to develop and implement communications plans.

We are living in the 21st century so… The communications specialist must provide extensive knowledge of social media platforms, computer skills and technologies ! More than a communicator, he must become a community manager.

social media - edited_0

The size of a communications team can be extremely variable from one company to another. The communicator must be capable of working independently with minimal supervision while being a collaborative member of a communications team.

Yes, of course, last but not least… The communications specialist must have strong writing, copy editing and proofreading skills, also interpersonal and communications skills. Storytelling must be a vocation, a passion, not just a work for paycheck… But do I really need to tell you that ?

Typically the entry-level communications specialist possess a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field: public relations, communications, marketing or journalism.

The use of the masculine gender includes the feminine and is employed solely to facilitate reading.


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